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Financial Service Company

Payoneer is a financial services company based in America that supplies digital payment services, online money transfer and provides customers with working capital. Payoneer’s universal presence is enabling the personals to expand exponentially in a compliant and a secure way.


Account holders can convey and collect funds by using an e-wallet, an essential bank account number in a regional currency or a replenish prepaid MasterCard debit card. The money collected can then be introverted to a bank account or applied online at points of sale with the Payoneer debit card. The company specfies in facilitating cross-border B2B payments.

Companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Upwork and Google utilize Payoneer to convey mass payouts around the globe. It is also utilized by eCommerce marketplaces like Walmart, Rakuten and, as well as freelance marketplaces such as Envato and Fiverr, and operates with ad networks to fasten these firms with publishers based outside of their headquartered country.

Payoneer has a client service team with 320 employees who keep up 4 million customers in 70 languages, working in 150 variable currencies.

Payoneer projects with Getty Images, Pond5, iStock and others together with the freelance marketplace,


The company is based in New York City, In the year 2019, the company waged approximately 1,200 persona, and set out over 4 million customers in 14 different offices around the globe.

So as to acheive lawfully remit cash within the European Single Market, Payoneer was the one to be registered with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.


To register for a Payoneer Account, you simply have to log in to your online account along with your Payoneer mass payout company, then select Payoneer as your payment method, and afterwards you will be directed to an application page.

If incase you do not have an account with a Payoneer mass payout company and would like to undergo payments via our Global Payment Service, you can seek for an account directly through the Payoneer website and Signup.

Sign up with payoneer to get your first Capital Advance offer, acquire it and be honoured with a 15% fee rebate.


With using Payoneer, digital marketers around the globe can get paid globally as easily as they do regionaly. Hundreds of web based advertising tenets recommend Payoneer as a payment method in a diversity of currencies, including few of the world’s biggest affiliate networks and tenets like Dailymotion, Tradedouble, ClickBank and Taboola.

Your Payoneer account is your essential key to unlock a diversified universe of opportunities. Whether receiving funds, making international payments, accessing capital or managing a digital business. Payoneer helps to open your business up to the emerging world.



Reduced fees

Get paid in popular currencies

Simplify your payments

Withdraw funds locally

24/7 multilingual support

Working Capital

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